At Local SEO Works, we help local customers find your business.

Benefits of Local SEO and Business Marketing

At Local SEO Works, We provide businesses with Local Marketing and Local Search Optimisation with a range of benefits including

  • More sales and more customers
  • Measure your return on investment
  • Concentrated client base
  • Reduce costs of client acquisition
  • Save time & money
  • Better community access
  • More word of mouth
  • A higher volume of repeat customers
  • Increased website traffic
  • Faster business growth

Our proven approach and years of experience allows us to deliver amazing results for our clients.

How can Local SEO Works help your business?

Our Local SEO processes are designed to examine well over 200 different factors that directly impact on your local business listing when searched for online. Some of the key signals we optimise when it comes to your local business are:

  • Prominence and Proximity to your customers
  • Social Signals that impact your busienss listing
  • Internal and external website link structure
  • Quality of website content
  • Website speed & performance
  • Website mobile responsiveness
  • Help imporve the users experience when using your website
  • Quality and frequency of reviews
  • Coaching and support on best managing negative reviews
  • Website Relevance to your customers as we all as actual products and sevices offered.
  • Dozones more technical and business factirs that imapct your business online…

How does Local SEO Works help a business get more local clients?

Once you have registered with us, we follow our proven Local SEO process to determine your precise local area ranking and how we can improve your local listings to attract more paying customers for your business.

1 - Research & Analysis
2 - Identify opportunities
3 - User Experience and Interface recommendations
4 - Key Content change recommendations
5 - Enhance the speed & performance of your website
6 - Build your local presence online
7 - Report
8 - Repeat

Most of the 8 steps are performed by our expert team. However, we may need to work with you and your web developer to implement the recommended changes and updates required for your webiste to attract more local clients.

Local SEO Client Testimonials

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Questions about local SEO

What is Local SEO?
Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization), often referred to as Local Marketing or Proximity Marketing is a procedure for optimising your website to help users closest to your business find you when they are looking for your products and services. Usually, these results are shown as maps or charts depending on the search engine or web browser you are using.
How can Local SEO improve My Business?
Local SEO puts your business Name and Contact details in front of prospects who are actually looking for your business right then and there. These potential clients are mostly people who are in need of what you offer and ready to make a buying decision.
What is Google My Business (GMB)?
Google My Business is a free service offered by Google to get your business listed with relevant contact information as well as a business category you belong to. GMB is also a place where customers can rate and review your business products and services.
Why is Name Address Phone (NAP) important when it comes to Local SEO?
NAP is very important. It must show up consistently across the web not just on your website. NAP consistency reinforces your brand, and your business’ position and ranking compared to other businesses in the same market. Having strong Google reviews and a complete Google My Business listing as well as photos and videos and being in the correct categories – will certainly help your business show up on Google Maps.
How Can My Business Show Up on Google Maps?
Having strong Google reviews, and fully completing your Google My Business listing – adding photos and videos and selecting correct categories – improve your business’ chances of showing up on Google Maps.
Why Are Reviews Important to SEO?
Customer reviews are one of the top ranking factors for local SEO. They strongly affect how companies are ranked in Google’s local search results. Customer reviews reflect trust, relevancy, and timeliness to both the searcher and the search engine. As part of our service, we monitor and inform you of any reviews as well as respond if necessary.
How do I manage negative reviews online?
It is important to consider responding to all reviews. Every positive review should have a response. Negative reviews should also be addressed – however, in some cases it may be preferable to do this offline or seek professional guidance.
How Can I Monitor Reviews?
The best way to monitor reviews is to implement a Review Monitoring Service. You will receive an immediate notification whenever someone leaves a review, allowing you to respond in a timely manner. Social media monitoring tools like Hootsuite are available to help.
What is Review Velocity?
Review Velocity is how often your business is reviewed by clients or those who have come in contact with your business. Google My Business and Yelp are two of the major sites that Google considers when it comes to local reviews. This doesn’t mean you should ignore reviews on other sites, however, we recommend you always optimise for people, not just the search engines.
What Review Sites Should Be Considered?
From an SEO perspective, Google My Business and Yelp rank well for most industries. Google My Business reviews directly impact how your business ranks on Google Maps. Industry specific sites are also important.
What is a Citation?
A citation is a reference online to your Name Address and Phone number or NAP as well as your website URL

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